How to cast revenge spell on someone that works effectively

How to cast revenge spell on someone that works immediately that can make someone to leave your man or woman

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How to cast revenge spell on someone that works faster

Do you want to put spell on someone? or you want someone to leave your man or woman , lady hasinah am here to help you with my spells that works immediately

How to cast revenge spell on someone that works effective

How to put a curse on someone, protect yourself before putting a curse on anyone, make sure that you’ve protected yourself with a protection spell and/or amulet. If the person you’re cursing also practices  magic, it’s possible that your curse will bounce back to you

Revenge spells on your ex-lover For your ex lover there is also some spells when you want to use them against your ex lover. The revenge may be for your inner pleasure. But this spell does not give any type of physical harm your ex lover. If your loved one has left you for another person, and you also love him/her very much. But you are not successful to take her back in your life, in this situation you can cast this spell on your ex lover, then their happiness  will convert into the sadness. His/her loved one will leave him or her , he/she will also feel the same pain as you have felt. To make it more harmful for your enemy you can cast it on the face of your ex lover. For the success of this spell you should make clean that you use these spells in a correct manner and you have chanted this spell with the great belief in the power of these spells. If you are successful in doing these things then your spell  will not miss.

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