Jealous spells that works immediately in 24 hours

Jealous spells that works effectively, The power of jealousy is perhaps one of the most powerful non-magical forces in the world. However, with a bit of magic this awesome power can be controlled, increased, or made to vanish.

These spells are not for the faint of heart. They can be cast multiple times and their effects are long lasting, so even a relatively  weak spell caster can create a great effect by casting these spells numerous times on the same target.these are the types of jealous spells

  • Truth spell
  • Banish bad lovers spell
  • Cool down lust
  • Give away feelings of hate
  • Punish a lover of leaving you
  • Melt a cold heart

Jealous spells that works effectively in 24 hours

Do you want to make your partner jealous? use my spells that works constantly in 24 hours

What is melt a cold heart?

Cold melt heart is with an angel fire the truth you will see, and not the mire as the ice melts, the truth will appear pushing away all that you fear if gossip and lies are at the root of this little spell not miss and ten shall expose the liar angel fire, rise higher and higher.

Punish a lover of leaving you:Carve the name of your target on the phallic red candle. Cast your magic circle. It should contain an inverted pentagram with the spirit point facing south. Light the incense. Place the two black candles on the fire and water points of your pentagram. Holding the bottom with your trash bag, light the phallic red candle and use it to light the two other candles; be sure to do so in a counter-clockwise (right to left) rotation. Then, place the red candle across from you on the opposite side of the circle, with the name of your target facing you. Smooth the trash bag over the center of your pentagram. Pass the personal possession from your target through the incense smoke, then toss it cavalierly into the trash bag. Hold the rose by its stem over the flame from your candle, allowing it to color as it burns without lighting on fire. As you do, visualize your former lover experiencing an agonizing burning sensation in their genitals. Then, cut the rose into three pieces, leaving the petals attached to one piece, and toss them one by one into the trash bag with their personal possession. As you do, recite the following incantation: Red rose, red rose, with thorns so thick, Cut, slice, graze and prick As I have cried, now so shall they Make pleasure they feel now turn to pain Let them suffer this awful fate Pray that their apology does not come late For if they do not pay their dues They?ll find themselves broken beyond any use Close your magic circle. Snuff out your candles in a counter-clockwise rotation. Place the candle remainders in the trash with the rest of the reagents. Tie the bag shut and dispose of it in a crude place, like a dumpster or a sewer drain, to literally and metaphorically say good riddance to bad trash. Expect the spell to take effect within a week. The spell?s effects usually last between three days and a full lunar cycle, depending on the intensity of your hatred for the victim.

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